Keaton Parks – Player with promising future

The very promising talent of a new generation of American players, Keaton Parks came to Portugal by the hands of Agent Henrique Simões de Sousa, with his suitcase full of dreams. The midfielder, who has been evolving at the orders of Mister Nuno Capucho in Varzim SC, still at the age of junior (18 years), has a speech turned to the team and, above all, as an adult who knows what he wants. In an interview with Varzim’s website, which reviewed his journey and the true “dream” he is living, with the main team there so close, Keaton assumes that he is adapting and guarantees the intention to leave his mark in the world of football.

Keaton Parks

Estivemos à conversa com Keaton Parks. O jovem americano de 18 anos que chegou ao nosso Clube no início desta época e que se tem afirmado na equipa dos Juniores. Actua no meio campo e conta com seis golos marcados, até ao momento. Nesta pequena entrevista, Keaton fala-nos da experiência no Varzim e de como tem sido viver na Póvoa.

Publicado por Varzim Sport Club em Quarta-feira, 27 de Abril de 2016