Rigor and professionalism, the demand has been great for partnerships with overseas clubs and agents worldwide, and in  Portugal its no different, we seek to meet a competitive market and we distinguish quality.
The experience and the company’s work team allow us to offer a wide range of services, in which we highlight:

Areas of intervention of FOOTEMOTIONS

Management of careers, image rights and Sponsorships, Commercial management of image rights of sports professionals, Marketing and advertising solutions and Organization of sporting events.

Players representation

FOOTEMOTIONS is fully qualified to advise and act in the field of career management of football professionals. It is intended, therefore, to encourage the player to achieve success and to know how to reconcile it with everything that involves the professional career. It is understood that for the younger athlete to achieve its success, it is necessary a personalized and familiar accompaniment, in order to provide support and self-confidence.

Career development

FOOTEMOTIONS is based on finding clubs for our athletes, promoting their careers and helping them achieve success. To do this, the company has a vast network of contacts, in order to unveil clubs for athletes without a contract or for those seeking to move to a higher level. FOOTEMOTIONS has been developing rapidly, being requested by all those who want a responsible and worry-free agreement.

Contractual negotiations

With the aim of “combining the best for the customer”, the company aims to maintain the simplicity and readability of all representation contracts, thus having a team dedicated to the negotiation of the contract between the parties.

FOOTEMOTIONS assists the athlete at all stages of their career: from the simplest act of finding a club to renegotiating the terms of an existing contract.