Henrique Sousa

Henrique Jorge Simões de Sousa, Agent FIFA, founded the company Footemotions – Management of Sports Careers, in 2016.

Footemotions is a global company based in Portugal, specializing in career management of sports professionals, with representatives from around the world.

Led by the FIFA Agent, the representation provided to coaches and players worldwide is marked by an attentive, rigorous and professional accompaniment.

This accompaniment also extends to the younger layers, in the discovery and promotion of new talents, providing them with a close proximity, almost familiar.

Based on this close monitoring, Footemotions’ actions are directed towards the relationship and analysis of the impact of its activities, as it believes that it is responsible for the success of its athletes.

The performance of Footemotions is governed by the laws of the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF).